Tokyo Gaijin vs. Kawagoe Fighters.
Dateline: 5th February, 2017
Preseason friendly.
Score: 59 – 0
Opposition Man of the Match: Takuya Ichizono
Gaijin Man of the Match: Paul Bertier
It took a while for the Gaijin to find their tempo and thier feet in the game in the opening 10 minutes as it wasn't the most memorable. Kawagoe Fighters were setting themselves in the Gaijin 22m thanks to the Gaijin making unnecassary mistakes and getting penalised at the breakdowns and knocking on simple ball. This gave all the advantage to the Fighters, but even though the Gaijin were scrappy, they managed to scramble out of trouble and find some clean passages of play and eventually found themselves with good opportunities to work their way upfield.

Dateline: 13th November, 2016

The Tokyo Gaijin RFC always look forward to their annual (and sometimes biannual) domestic tour out to the mountains of Yamanashi. The air is fresh,  the greenery is stunning and hosts Daen RFC always look after us. The field, Midai Minami Koen, is luscious and soft as opposed to some of the crap we play on in Tokyo. There is also the ride on the 'party bus' back home.

Dateline: November 6th, 2016

The Tokyo Gaijin RFC were hoping to get back on track after losing their first Shuto League game last week against the Tokyo Crusaders leaving them with a three wins and one loss record. They were up against Koryo RFC who they had beaten 59 v 15 earlier in the year. BUT, today was a very different team on paper with some quality names missing. In the end Koryo RFC proved too good for a lacklustre Tokyo Gaijin RFC winning 36 v 5.

Dateline: 30th October, 2016

The Tokyo Gaijin RFC were shown what it feels like to be beaten by bigger men and a more powerful scrum when they battled out their 4th round Shuto League match against Crusaders RFC at Omiya Kenpo Ground way out in Saitama. The TGRFC traditionally have a strong scrum and rarely get beaten and even pushed the bigger Crusaders pack back last year but not this time. They would also have felt how many Japanese teams usually feel when they play the Gaijin as they were completely out-weighed and eclipsed in size with the Crusaders pack containing 3 forwards around the two metre mark.

To make matters worse for the Gaijin they were missing many of their own big men, mostly due to work commitments. A list containing Baz Lobendahn, Nik Pavesic, Gorka Gerediaga (all work), Stanley Henry (returned to Australia), Chris Musgrave (Flu), Jeremy Burns (work), and Alexander Auldy (concussion) is a big list of big men. Neveretheless, the Gaijin were aiming to continue their winning streak from three games to four, and their dominance over the Crusaders which goes back 8 years, and had complete faith in their squad. Another surprise came when the Gaijin players realised that the Crusaders also had a handy 'ring-in' with semi-pro player Keita Sekimoto providing them with blinding speed and 3 tries - close to the eventual difference in points between the two sides. (He has played Rugby League with the Gaijin in a 9's game).

Timeline: 23rd October, 2016

The Tokyo Gaijin RFC were aiming to keep up their winning run in the third round of the Shuto League against Kichioji Wild Turkeys at Katsushika Sogo Sports Center and send off Stanley Henry with a victory in his final game before heading back to Australia (he's actually a KIWI though). Not only did the victory follow but Henry scored two tries to add to his memories of Japan.

Dateline: October 2nd, 2016

The Tokyo Gaijin RFC have bumbled their way to a close 24 v 17 win over All JIn Jan RFC (AJJ) in their second round Shuto League match at Inagi Athletics Field.. The game was played in fairly hot and humid conditions more suggestive of mid-August rather than the beginning of October and this had the players struggling to keep up at times. The referee also failed to promote a flowing game with numerous puzzling decisions for both sides.

Dateline: 11th September, 2016

After a tough but victorious warmup last weekend the Tokyo Gaijin RFC began their 2016 Shuto League campaign with a crushing 48 v 0 win over Olivers RFC. Olivers RFC played well but could not crack the blue defensive wall of the Gaijin. The Gaijin picked up all the bonus points on offer in the Shuto League gaining three bonus points (1 for four tries or more, 1 for holding the opposition to zero, and one for finishing more than three tries in front) as well as the four points for the victory to go to the top of the Shuto League ladder.

Dateline: September 4th, 2016

The Tokyo Gaijin RFC have started their Autumn campaign with a tight win against Saitama Prefecture champions Kumagaya RFC. The match was organized as a 'friendly' to get rid of the rust from the summer break as the team leads into the Shuto League next week and as a way to get some game time for some newcomers to the team. Overall, there were 6 new players who suited up on the day - Alexander Auldy, Stanley Henry and Doug Picken from New Zealand, Rap Pagai from Samoa, Joshua Bateson from England and local Hiroshi Fukazawa.

Dateline: July 17, 2016

To celebrate Tokyo Gaijin RFC's 25th anniversary year an Old Boys match was set up to be played at Tatsumi on July 17th. Always a treat to play on, Tatsumi is home training ground for the Japan National Team and the Sun Wolves so ground conditions were as usual, fantastic. To qualify for Old Boys rugby players must be 35 or over,  though the Gaijin did manage to sneak in two 33 year olds. All France on the other hand were an open age team, ie. anyone from 18 years of age and up. With early summer heat and some Gaijin players getting close to 50, the match was played in three 20 minute thirds.
The opponent of the day was an old friend and foe over the years: the All France RFC. A lot of games have been played against All France over the past 20-something years and with them being an even more "social" rugby club than the very social Gaijin, the Gaijin have always been the winner, but once.